Bath Preparation Instructions on how to prepare your bath prior to us beginning work.

North American Polymer Corporation
Supplier of the latest innovations in bathtub and tile refinishing, and porcelain and fiberglass repair supplies.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Source
Links and articles for all types of bathroom remodeling related information.

EZRip Home Improvement Directory
Colossal directory of Building and Home Improvement sites. Qualifying sites can add their link for FREE! Find us on the remodeling page.

Bathroom - Bathroom articles and resources
Bathroom articles and resources. Links to remodeling companies. Helpful info for all phases of your bathroom remodeling project. - Bathroom Supplies
Bathrooms - Bathrooms -- Bathrooms -- Get Your Bathroom Supplies Here!!! books, videos, and other great resources.

Internet Web Directory
The internet's fastest growing directory of the best web sites. Fully searchable and updated regularly. Find great info on home repair, remodeling, and home and garden tips.

Bathroom Renovation Information
A great resource for information about bathroom renovation.


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